Artist Residency 195


Galeria 195 is a contemporary art gallery set up in a colonial house from the 18th century, in the historical center of Itacaré, Bahia, Brazil. The two floors layout features two exhibition rooms, a hallway that leads to a dining room and, finally, a cozy backyard, where you can enjoy freshly pressed juices and delish vegan food from Café Bizarro. Back to the dining room, the stairs reach up to a loft, reserved for the work and accommodation of the artists-in-residence. Two doors open to a wide terrace from where you can see colourful and unfinished houses, sprinkled with palm trees, an abundance of green on the hills and the ocean in the far end.


Itacaré is an awe-inspiring beach resort and surf destination nestled in the Atlantic Rainforest, on the ”Cacao Coast” ; south shore Bahia, northeast Brazil. Nature is lush, fruits are abundant and colours are bright. This small town benefits from a rich cultural heritage, marked by traditions of African slaves mixed with native tribes. Added tourists and expats, it’s a melting pot of people coming from all backgrounds and corners of the world. At night its center pulsates with jam sessions, capoeira shows and live music at every street corners.

During the day, Itacaré has its own pace and it’s rather slow. Relax and go with the flow is the motto if you want to welcome its abundant blessings. In fact it’s a good place to let go of worries, judgment and other mental patterns that are creativity blocking. It’s an opportunity to connect to your body, follow your guts, get free. Seize the present moment. Transcend yourself. Reboot. You name it. As you think less, you make space for new ideas to come to you… and this is the magic of Bahia.

  • Welcome foreign young artists to experience Itacaré & Bahia.
  • Invite them to make art that resonates with the spirit of this region.
  • Encourage young artists to pursue their passion and boost their confidence.
  • Provide an environment that stimulates intuitive creativity.
  • Foster creation of artworks that are uplifting to the creator and the viewer.
  • Challenge the artist to produce at least 7 compelling pieces for an artshow.
  • Accommodation and working space in a 40 square meters loft with 2 single beds and a terrace
  • WIFI, speakers and film screening device
  • Cleaning lady, but you are expected to keep the loft tidy
  • Artists-in-residence benefit from a discount at Café Bizarro
  • Connection with the local community, social and cultural associations in place
  • Exhibition of your artworks at the end of your residency (minimum 7 medium/large paintings required)
  • Invitation of our contact list to the vernissage (sponsored against donation of 1 painting)
  • Most compelling artworks will be shown at the Meses das Artes (Months of the Arts) during August and September at the TXAI resort


Age: from 18 to 33 years old
Medium: acrylic painting
Residency period: January 15th to August 30th 2018
Duration of stay: 1 to 3 months
Maximum residents at a time: 2 artists
Pricing: 1600 BRL (~533 USD) per month*
Payment: at arrival in cash or via PayPal (+4%fee)
*Not included in this price: travel and any transportation cost, daily living cost, art supplies, canvas stretching, laundry…

Budgeting infos:
Transfert from Ilhéus airport to Itacaré: 200 BRL (67 USD)
Bus to remote beaches: 5 BRL (2 USD)
Laundry: 20 BRL (7 USD)
Eating out: 12-60 BRL (4-15 USD)


  • Painting classes with master painter Christophe Campana: 16 hours / 150 BRL (USD CHF) per month
  • “Raw Expression” clay workshop with Naco Sales, the Telepath, at Art Jungle
  • Field trip to the atelier of artist Zeflávio Texeira in Serra Grande

Send your CV with a photo, your portfolio in PDF, or a link to your page, and tell us a little bit about you and why you want to be an artist-in-residence at Galeria 195, per email to